Above are the standard colors for stated grades. All grades can be made in different colors. Most common grades and colors are stated above. Many other grades and colors are also possible. Most common dimensions are stated below: on request other dimensions are also possible.

Plates, Sheets
Width: Minimum: No Limit / Maximum: 2,200mm
Length: Minimum: No Limit / Maximum: 1,300mm
Thickness: Minimum: 6mm / Maximum: 250mm or even more

Rods Diameters: Ø 60-600 mm up to 1,200 mm length
Ø 610– 1250 mm lengths less than 1,200 mm

Tubes, Cylinders
Rotational (Spun) Cast Length: max. 1,250mm/Outer dia.: max. Ø 300mm
Inner dia.: min. Ø50mm/ Wall thickness: minimum 10mm
Gravity (Static) Cast Length: max. 1,250mm/ Outer dia.: max. Ø1,250 mm
Inner dia.: min. Ø40mm/ Wall thickness: minimum 50 mm

Custom Cast Parts
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