Polikim Dis. Tic. A.S.

Subsidiary of Polikim Polimer A.S., is supplying, production technologies, machinery, equipment and know-how for engineering plastics, developed by Polikim Polimer A.S. You can currently ask for machinery, know how and technology to produce all kinds of Cast Nylon, and PTFE products. All the machinery that is offered will be new made according to our customers requests. However similar machinery that is used in actual production can be seen at our factory Polikim Polimer A.S. in Gebze Kocaeli Turkey. As part of know how transfer Polikim Dis. Tic. A.S. provides training with the new made machinery for the customer and also with the existing machinery of Polikim Polimer A.S. at actual production. Polikim Polimer A.S. and Polikim Dis. Tic. A.S. operates at the same address which is very convenient for commissioning of machinery, know how transfer and training.

Please visit our following websites for more information:

www.ptfetechnology.com www.polikim.com.tr

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